"Irrigation Management Solutions are extremely knowledgable. Their efforts have helped improve the conditions of turf and plant life on my client's properties and saved them money. Their support has been thorough and I will use their services on other sites."

Raffi Ishakanian,
Nature's Cradle Nursery and Landscaping
"By automatically adjusting schedules as the weather changes a SMART controller can save a site an estimated 30% to 50% in water."
"A typical Residential SMART controller retrofit has a 3 month Return on your investment."

Water Conservation Specialists

Do you want to conserve water? Do you want to have a healthier landscape? Do you want to save time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Irrigation Management Solutions (IMS) can accomplish this for you while saving you MONEY!

IMS are water managers that focus on water conservation to help create smarter, more efficient, Lawn Sprinkler Systems-resulting in a beautiful, healthier, landscape!

IMS is leading the industry in water conservation technology, support and advice. We can guide you through the process of choosing the right products for all applications- residential, commerical, campuses, and municipalities.  We are trained and experienced on the latest products to save, control and reuse water for you -  drip tubing, sprinklers, controller add-ons, weather and moisture based controllers, Internet remote managing systems, central control site management, decoder systems, rain water harvesting systems, strom water management and much more. We have a Horticulturist on staff that understands that landscape factors like soil type, plant type, slope, sun/shade need to be taken into account when creating watering programs as properties do not have all the same charateristics. This will allow watering when the plants need it and reduce it when they don't so their is no guessing.

Sprinkler Budgets for 2013 are getting tighter while water prices are on the rise. IMS's knowledgable staff sees the big picture and meets with you to discuss ways to deliver savings of all kinds including...

Water Savings
...are you irrigating efficiently?

Energy Savings
...are you using the proper controls?

Your Time
...are you wasting it on adjusting controllers?

....are you a part of it?

...are you leading the way? 

IMS can help assist you in developing an efficiently and cost saving water management program with your Lawn Sprinkler Systems.


Applying the appropriate amount of water will reduce overwatering your property which will not only save you money but also conserve Earth's most important natural resources. 

Not only does it take the right products to make your Lawn Sprinkler System the most efficient it can be and save you money, it also takes the right people so contact Irrigation Management Solutions today! 



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